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When they U.S. military builds equipment and vehicles, they build everything to last.  That’s why they developed their own set of standards for hardware that’s not only engineered to precision tolerances, but that’s also made to handle the stresses of the modern battlefield.  Whether you’re working on military vehicles or you need aviation fasteners for the aerospace industry, there’s no doubt that military spec fasteners are some of the best money can buy.  If you need any type of US military fasteners including MS fasteners, NAS screws, mil-spec screws, and AN fasteners, Dialogic Fasteners has everything you need in stock.

At Dialogic Fasteners, we average about 3,500 contracts with the government each year.  The nation’s top military officials trust us to supply all the mil-spec hardware they need to build the equipment that keeps our troops safe in combat zones all around the world.  Of course, clients in a wide variety of industries have a need for hardware built to the same standards as military fasteners, so if you’re in the aerospace, oil & gas, commercial industrial, or transportation industries, we can provide parts like mil-spec bolts, AN fasteners, NAS screws, or any other type of US military fasteners.

Best AN & MS US Military Fasteners Online

NAS screws

Dialogic Fasteners keeps all types of military fasteners in stock, built to AN, MS, and NAS standards.  These mil-spec fasteners are known for their durability and precise engineering, so when you order them, you can be confident that they’ll fit properly and hold up to the rigors of any job you can imagine.

  • AN Fasteners – The “Army-Navy” specification was developed to standardize parts for use in military equipment during World War II. Although this standard was replaced by MS military fasteners in the 1950s, a few types of AN hardware are still used today.
  • MS Fasteners – The “Military Standard” came into use during the 1950s and mostly replaced AN hardware. Mil-spec bolts, mil-spec screws and other US military fasteners were designated with an MS until 1994.  Builders in the aerospace industry relied heavily on this standard and when it was cancelled, they had difficulty finding the MS fasteners they needed.  The void left by the cancellation of MS fasteners led to the proliferation of modern mil-spec hardware designations that are currently used as aerospace fasteners.  While most types of MS military fasteners are no longer in use, some can still be found today.
  • NAS Fasteners – “National Aerospace Standards” ensure that NAS screws and other components are highly precise and strong. While these parts were originally developed for use as military spec fasteners, many types were adopted for use as commercial fasteners as well.

Military Spec Fasteners Online

If you need any of these types of military spec fasteners, Dialogic can help you find them.  In addition to military fasteners like mil-spec bolts and mil-spec screws, we also carry hardware that conforms to ANSI specifications 1821, 1822, 1823, and 1824 as well as AS-9120 aerospace components.  If you can’t find the mil-spec fasteners you need in our stock, we may be able to help you produce specialty mil-spec hardware from our large selection of government ordnance drawings.  Call Dialogic Fasteners today at (215) 245-7373 to get a quote on your mil-spec hardware today!


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