U.S. Navy Establishes Rapid Response Cell To Deliver Technology To Ukraine & Taiwan

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The Navy is in the process of establishing a new organization with the purpose of deploying maritime tools for current and potential future conflicts, including those in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Collaboration of MARCC, The Navy, & Marine Corps

Known as the Maritime Accelerated Response Capability Cell (MARCC), this entity will receive urgent directives from the Defense Department and collaborate with the Navy and Marine Corps. A memo outlining its establishment, dated May 2 states that the MARCC will initially concentrate on Ukraine, Taiwan, and contingency support, with the ability to adapt to new conflicts or urgent requirements from the Defense Department.

A Navy source familiar with the MARCC’s establishment revealed that the Navy already has access to various rapid acquisition and fielding authorities granted by recent congressional legislation. However, the understanding and effective utilization of these authorities is not widely disseminated throughout the department.

Deploying Tools Effectively 

According to the source, the Navy has effectively utilized these tools to assist Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, and the MARCC will formalize the successful processes employed during the past 15 months. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the Defense Department’s increased focus on deterring a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the MARCC will ensure that the Navy is well-positioned to quickly deploy tools to the battlefield.

The source explained that as the Defense Department identifies urgent needs—whether for U.S. allies, partners, or American forces—the MARCC will gather these requirements, and disseminate them throughout the Navy to solicit innovative solutions and execute them.

Flexible Technological Capabilities 

The source emphasized that the MARCC’s scope of work will not be confined to any specific technological domain. This is why the Navy opted to create a flexible team capable of harnessing expertise as required, rather than establishing a permanent office with a more extensive staff.

A permanent executive director will oversee and execute all activities of the cell. This individual will serve as the Navy’s principal advisor on strategies and responses to urgent tasking. Supporting the director will be a cross-functional team, potentially comprising representatives from the Navy secretary’s office, the chief of naval operations staff, Marine Corps headquarters, systems commands, program executive offices, warfare centers, research laboratories, and the fleet. 

The MARCC’s expenses will mainly be allocated to its personnel. The source clarified that the MARCC will not have its own funding but will utilize available resources from the Ukraine supplemental appropriations package and other funding channels.

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