The Air Force Strides Towards The “Swiss Army Knife” of Aircraft

By dialogic In Industry



The United States Air Force has many planes designed for specific functions. This allows them to move weaponry, personnel, and heavy equipment such as tanks. Leadership is considering how to have these massive planes perform more than one function. This may include transporting pallets of cruise missiles and then switching to carrying personnel. This would allow the military to have greater flexibility in times of war.

The Need

In looking forward to the changing landscape of war, there is the potential that the airspace could become congested. This creates issues of getting supplies and personnel to the areas where they are needed most. This has led leadership to consider how to create aircraft that can perform more than one function or become a “Swiss Army Knife” so that missions can be more effective and flexible.

Stretching Current Capabilities

While commissioning a new fleet is unrealistic, the best option is to reconfigure current aircraft to increase their functionality. This will allow them to perform multiple functions beyond what they were originally designed for. Under the Rapid Dragon program, this may mean having bombers also function as cargo planes. Tankers can also be fitted for use in battle management.

The Industry is Taking Note of the Changes

Contractors are now looking to develop aircraft that can perform multiple functions. This increases the Air Force’s capacity. This line of thinking is extending to personnel as the Air Force is seeking to develop airmen that have multiple skill sets. During wartime, these individuals will be trained to accomplish several different tasks beyond their core job.

Getting to Functionality

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